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A Roof Maintenance Program is a process in which we come to your home, business, or church and inspect your roof. We use a rigorous checklist to look for any roof problems that may be occurring. We then provide you with a copy of the full roof inspection report, photographs of any roof problems we found, and a written list of any suggested roof repairs not already covered in your Roof Maintenance Program. We will also provide an estimate for the suggested roof repairs for you to review. This enables you, the owner, to make informed decisions about any next steps you may need to take.

A Roof Maintenance Program is designed to provide your roof with the longest life possible before needing to be fully replaced. Even with today’s climate lifetime shingles, a proper maintenance program can help avoid costly repairs to your home, business, or church roof, contents, or structure. Wind, hail, extreme hot and cold, debris on the roof or in the gutters, etc. can lead to premature failure of a roofing system. 


Oftentimes the next step after your roof is replaced is to install or replace guttering on your home. We offer new guttering installation services, which can be coordinated with your roof project and included in your roofing estimate or as a separate estimate, at your request.

All our guttering is the seamless style, and we offer a wide variety of color options to coordinate with your home’s existing color palate.

We also offer a variety of gutter guard options to reduce the amount of debris that may build up in gutters over time. There are a number of different gutter guard designs to choose from depending on the trees in close proximity to your home, and we are happy to help you choose the style that best suits your property.  

As always, our estimates are free, so contact us today to ask about gutters and gutter guards.


At Melvin Mills Roofing, LLC, we have extensive experience in roofing repair and replacement in the aftermath of a storm. In addition to the hail storms and tornadoes that pose a yearly threat to our area, we were also able to respond to over 100 calls for roofing services in the aftermath of the ‘Inland Hurricane’ which devastated the Southeast Missouri region in 2009. As a result, we are experienced in working with insurance companies throughout the claims and adjustment process.

If you suspect your roof has sustained roof damage as a result of a storm, please call us for a roof inspection and possible estimate. If your roof is severely damaged and actively leaking, please call us immediately, as we can provide emergency dry-in services in these instances (see Emergency Services).


When your roof is actively leaking, you know time equals money. The longer the roof leak persists, the more damage is done to the interior of your home.

For this reason, we offer 24-hour roof emergency service. If your roof is leaking, whether it is the result of storm damage or disrepair, please call our office or send us request for emergency help and let us know that you have an active leak. One of our staff will call you back to get more details about your roof and will arrange for someone to come out to dry it in. We can then offer you an estimate for any roof repair or roof replacement needed to permanently correct the issue.